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We contribute to the well-being and health of all humanity by providing wholesome, Vegan, organic all natural foods & alkaline water (oxygenated) to enhance holistic healing/living.We strive to make human life and effects on the earth and its inhabitants more healthy positive and Renewing. We encourage affordable social outlets where healthier foods are affordable and accessible in all communities.
We encourage the involvement of our entire human family in order to create healthy balance amongst all.


Yah's Cuisine offers a variety of Delicious Healthy & Affordable World inspired Vegan Soul food.
Yahs cuisine is carefully prepared with Alkaline water, Herbal Ingredients, Minerals & Natural food Vitamins


Review Of the Month

Lali H.
Chicago, IL
Praise Jah for Yah's Cuisine! Despite being a tiny little vegan outpost deep in the hood, it is worth the pilgrimage. Good soul food is hard to find, even in Chicago. Good vegan food is hard to find on the South Side. Put these two things together well, add some live jazz and you have won my eternal devotion. Every dish I've ever tried here I gobbled up with little regard to my manners, and still couldn't believe as I threw it down it that it was completely vegan. Granted, their menu options are limited, but this is a small place.  You pretty much have to work with whatever is on that day. These limitations are the only reason why I'm giving it four stars. But usually it's at least ten dishes, and a dinner plate is your choice of five of those dishes. Carefully choose and you will have a good variety of vegetables, grains & legumes and more to enjoy. I also love their ginger drinks and sorrel juice. This is soul vegan; it isn't an oxymoron!




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